Group Classes

We offer group classes on Zoom arranged by your level. Groups are limited to eight students and the teacher, and last one hour. The cost is $5 per class. You must be a member of our website because we assign homework.

The schedule for July is:

  • Tuesdays, Beginner Level, 12:00pm Istanbul Time (GMT+03:00)
  • Wednesdays, Elementary Level, 6:00pm Istanbul Time (GMT+03:00)
  • Thursdays, Intermediate Level, 12:00pm Istanbul Time (GMT+03:00)

To sign up for a class:

  1. Click here to sign up for a membership on our video website. We assign homework from this site for class. You will have unlimited access to 400+ videos as long as you are a member and you can cancel when you want.
  2. Email us and tell us which class you want to take (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate) on what date.
  3. Click here and pay the $5 class fee.

If you would like further information, send us an email @